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Reading & Resources

We encourage you to stay engaged with your health and wellness. Below are several categories with suggestions for further learning.

Click an image below for more information on each book.

Understanding Chinese Medicine

totalhealth_chineseway     LawofFiveElements     webhasnoweaver




HealingWholeFoods       ferment     odd-bits-cover   NourishingTraditionsBook       NTbaby      BrothBook


General Health

BuhnerLyme     naturesantibiotics      MedHerbalism     BuhnerLymeCoinfections     InaMay      naturallyhealthybabies



Growing Medicinal Herbs

CMHfarm     CechGrower     jeaninedavis



Farming / Homesteading

Mycelium_Running     SecretsSoil     ResilientFarm     SecretLifePlants