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Healthcare Clinic: Treatments & Rates

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Our Healthcare Clinic

Thank you for choosing our clinic and welcome! Our dedicated  healthcare staff will provide you with quality, effective, and compassionate care. All health information is strictly confidential.

We recommend you arrive in comfortable clothes, such as yoga pants or sweat pants, so that acupoints can be easily accessed. Your practitioner may use a variety of modalities to best suit your health care needs including:

-Acupuncture and Acupressure
Specific points on the body are used to treat pain and other ailments using point pressure or non-injection needle insertion.

-Chinese Medicinal Herb Consultations
Interview and examination are conducted to determine Chinese Medicine diagnosis and personally tailored medicinal herb formulation.

-Tui Na & Gua Sha
These “Chinese medical massage” techniques use tissue and joint mobilization to treat pain and dysfunction and speed recovery from injury.

Specially designed cups are used to apply suction over acupoints, joints, and muscle groups. This brings circulation to the area to assist healing and pain relief. Read our blog on cupping.

-Moxibustion & Heat Therapy
Moxa (dried mugwort) is smoldered to warm specific areas and acupoints.

The Initial Visit

The initial visit requires some paperwork, as well as a full health history intake with Nile. During this time you will receive a full diagnostic and treatment. The initial visit typically lasts about an hour and a half.  After your initial visit, regular visits typically last about an hour.

Our Rates

Initial Visit:   $90 for an hour and a half.

Regular Visit:   $75 for a one-hour treatment.


Community Acupuncture: Sliding Scale $20-$40. Wednesdays 11am-4pm at the JuneBug Center in Floyd. By appointment only.

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