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BRCCM Farmacopia

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Since 2008, BRCCM has been growing many of our own Chinese Medicinal Herbs (CMH) for in-house use. At the clinic, an established garden provided the practitioners with an herb for nearly every medicinal-action category in Chinese medicine.

As we began comparing our recently harvested product with the same product we were getting from China, we realized a significant quality difference in the color, smell, taste, texture, and presumably medicinal potency of the herbs. We then realized that there was a demand for high-quality CMH, and that we are in a place to provide practitioners with the product their patients deserve. This is how the Appalachian Herb Growers Consortium (AHGC) began.

The BRCCM Herb Gardens now serve as both nursery stock and demonstration gardens for the AHGC. With many perennials already established, more slated to be planted each year, and three greenhouses up and running, most of the seeds and transplants originate at BRCCM.  From here, they are distributed to participating farmers, who take care to grow them with our guidance to harvest. With high standards for quality, we go above and beyond the organic growing guidelines set by the USDA. We utilize ecological and biodynamic practices in the BRCCM Gardens, as well as on participating farms.

Visit the Appalachian Herb Growers Consortium website for more up to date information and a catalog of available herbs and seeds.