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BRCCM Farmacopia

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In 2008 staff at BRCCM began planting gardens of Chinese medicinal herbs for our own use. However, it quickly became clear that the demand for safe, reliable sources of Chinese medicinal herbs in the United States is high. As a result, we began to explore ways in which to expand our herb production and the Appalachian Herb Growers Consortium.

In early 2015, we received a grant from the Virginia Tobacco Commission to further the Consortium, followed by grants from the Appalachian Regional Commission and, most recently, a Virginia Community Development Block Grant. As a result, this spring,  a number of our neighbors will be planting zhi mu, jie geng, and huang qi instead of cabbage and potatoes.

Visit the Appalachian Herb Growers Consortium website for more up to date information and a catalog of available herbs and seeds.