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Shen Long Xing Yi Class with Yarrow Delauney-Yard
Wednesdays, 5:00-6:30PM   «»   Class fee: $50/month
Open to everyone, no previous experience required.

Shen Long XingYi is an ancient Chinese internal martial art that cultivates correct posture, strength and balance. We will begin this Spring primarily with Fu Hu Gong, which is a set of exercises designed to strengthen the body and rectify the structure. The goal is to promote health by restoring the mobility of the joints, recovering from old injuries, increasing blood and qi circulation, and promoting health of the organs through proper posture and structural mobility.

XingYi is a physically demanding art, however everyone is encouraged to participate at their own pace with the only requirement being a willingness to make an effort to improve your own state.

This system of XingYi has a square rooted shape with linear stepping and includes individual, two-person and weapons forms, each helping us cultivate a different aspect of our bodies.

The class will be taught based on my understanding of the body through the study and practice of Xing Yi, Chinese Medicine, Qi Gong, and anatomy & physiology. It is my belief that with diligent effort we can treat our own physical and mental ailments through these arts. I have seen that to be true for myself, and have observed that process in many of those that I have had the pleasure of training with or helping to teach.

We welcome anyone who wishes to join us in that effort.                                                  

Meridian Qi Gong with Eli Schwartz-Gralla
Thursdays, 6:30-7:30PM    «»   Class fee: $30-$40/month

Meridian Qi Gong helps to cultivate Qi (energy), sensitivity, balance, mental stillness, and a higher state of health!

Questions, please call 540-651-6219 or email at

Gao Style BaGua class with Eli Schwartz-Gralla & assistant teachers
Thursdays, 5:00-7:00PM    «»   Class fee: $50/month
Open to everyone, no previous experience required; just a willingness to improve your health!

I will teach this class using insights from my study of the arts of Gao BaGua, Xing Yi, Taiji, and Qi Gong as well as being a Tuina (Chinese Body work) and Chinese medicine practitioner.

The class’s focus is to help students become empowered to improve their quality of life ie. physical and mental health through the art of Bagua (which I view as a “medicinal martial art”). BaGua is a circular based martial art, which includes lots of twisting, turning, and stepping all done in a fluid yet rooted manner.

“Medicinal Martial Art”– Although BaGua is an internal martial art, which we will not lose sight of in our classes, our focus tends to be on the medicinal side of the art, including but not limited to improving bone density, our understanding of our own bodies, physical capability, balance, strength, flexibility, posture, mental plasticity, depression, and much more.                                                            

Introduction to Ba Gua class with Ellen Shankin
Fridays, 8:30-9:30 am   «»  Class fee: $35/month or $12 per drop-in (first class is free)
Open to everyone, no previous experience required.

Intro to Ba Gua is a continuing class with open enrollment.  Anyone can join the class at any time and be brought along to learn the full range of the form we train. In this class we learn a fundamental practice called Ding Shyr .  It is a meditative slow circular walking form that cultivates and circulates energy, encourages good alignment , improves balance and has a elevating effect on mood and well being.
After thorough warm ups, which encourage rotating and stretching all parts if the body,  we spend the remainder  of the hour learning to walk Ding Shyr.  While there are 8 hand positions in the form , those new to the class can easily follow along limiting themselves to 1 of the positions and gaining much benefit until more aspects of the form are learned.  Come join us for the hour!          For more information call Ellen Shankin  745-3595

*Visit our Calendar page for current schedule, updates and cancellations.