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The Blue Ridge Center for Chinese Medicine is a non-profit organization providing affordable healthcare to Southwestern Virginia communities and overseeing the Appalachian Herb Growers Consortium, a group of over 50 regional farmers growing Chinese medicinal herbs for sale in the United States.

Situated in the Appalachian mountains of Floyd County Virginia, our clinic offers acupuncture, medicinal herbs, and therapeutic bodywork. We also have ongoing exercise and internal martial arts classes several times a week.

We are graced with a beautiful, timber frame training hall, four private rooms for clinical practice, and enough land to garden Chinese medicinal herbs. As the Appalachian Herb Growers Consortium, in addition to growing Chinese medicinal herbs, we also support a group of local farmers through the cultivation and sourcing of seed-stock and the processing of harvested herbs.

We are a certified 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Our mission is to:

  • Provide complementary health care services using medical and physical modalities rooted in traditional Chinese Medicine, both independently through the operation of one or more Clinics, and in collaboration with other private, public, and volunteer organizations.
  • Develop creative ways to subsidize complementary health care services for individuals/families who are unable to secure services due to financial constraints, regardless of age, gender, race, religion, and national origin.
  • Operate programs to provide educational opportunities and training in traditional Chinese medical and physical modalities, including, but not restricted to: bodywork (tuina), herbal supplements, and internal martial arts.
  • Promote awareness about methods, techniques, and models that help cultivate and maintain personal health and well being.
  • Support the development and maintenance of medicinal herbal gardens, harvest and distribute herbs, and provide related educational information.
  • Encourage members of the community to support and participate in the Center as a method of promoting wellness and healing for others.
  • Conduct other charitable, educational, literary or scientific activities not in contravention of the Virginia Non-Stock Corporation Act or Article V of the Corporation’s Articles of Incorporation.